You can contact us via e-mail contact@duncanrhodes.com

No. The aim of the Academy is to be able to give painters the confidence to paint any miniature that they want, to help them grow and become the painter that they have always wanted to be. We have painters from all over the World at very different levels on their painting journey who also love to share their knowledge on our forum. Every video is aimed at the beginner or intermediate painter with some advanced techniques thrown in too for the more advanced painter who wants to push themselves a little more.

We love receiving requests from our Members. Simply just e-mail us (contact@duncanrhodes.com) with the heading Request and tell us what you would like to see us paint. We do receive a lot of requests on a monthly basis and we go through every single one. If there are multiple requests for the same miniature or colour scheme, then we will do our best to add it to the website as soon as we can.

On the Log In page, request a new password and one will be e-mailed to you where you action as needed. Remember to check your Spam Folder too just in case it has not arrived. If an e-mail is not sent through, then please contact us via e-mail at contact@duncanrhodes.com

Sometimes, very rarely, there is an issue with the SMTP and emails get held back hence the reason there is a delay in receiving the reset so it is easier to get a hold of us so we can manually reset it for you.

As much as we hate to see you go, we do understand that you may, at some point, wish to cancel your subscription. Scroll to the bottom of any page and go to My Account>Subscriptions>Cancel. You will still have access for the remaining period of your last transaction.

Please DO NOT cancel via your bank as you may still be charged. Please Cancel via the website following the above steps.

Very rarely there is an issue with some customers and their PayPal Account. You may have made a payment but you cannot access the Academy. Don’t worry though, this is an easy fix. All it is is that PayPal hasn’t communicated with the website correctly and let it know that payment has been received. If this happens, please contact us ASAP (contact@duncanrhodes.com) and we can get you back up and running in no time at all.

We think so. For £3.99 (roughly $5.00) per month, you get unlimited access to all of our content (230+ tutorials and growing!) including the Forum. We upload full painting tutorials every week from a wide range of manufacturers. Even if you don’t collect that faction or even that range, the techniques demonstrated can be used on a wide variety of miniatures so you will always be learning.

As the Kickstarters have now all been shipped around the world, the team at Trans Atlantis Games are starting the process of working with hobby stores around the world. Currently, it is available at certain UK stores. The rest of the world will follow in due course.

Scroll down to the bottom of any page. Go to MY ACCOUNT. Then select SUBSCRIPTIONS. Once that has been selected, select UPDATE on the right hand side. Then simply update your card details and SUBMIT.