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What is the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy?

The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy, or DRPA for short, is a Membership site where you can come and learn to paint your favourite miniatures. Whether you are a beginner or even an experienced miniature painter, the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy will teach you all the techniques you need to know to paint any model you desire.

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This is just a small taster of the video tutorials we have on the site. We will be adding new, exclusive content every week that can only be found right here for our members. We will be covering all manner of miniatures, techniques and advice, everything to help you improve your painting skills. Check out the full list of videos and a gallery of the tutorials on the site by clicking the link below.


This Week's Tutorials

W'adrhun Apex Predator

his week we have an epic painting tutorial starring a truly massive hard plastic miniature (seriously, this beast rivals the War Mûmak from Games Workshop’s Middle-earth range for size, and it sure is heavy too)! This is the Apex Predator, for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum Wargames, a mighty feathered dinosaur which forms a very impressive centerpiece for the W’adrhun army (the Conquest version of Orcs). It towers over the rank-and-file and has a powerful W’adrhun warrior stood on the back and ready for war! In this video we show how to paint such a huge miniature from start to finish, which is always an intimidating task at first glance. If broken down into bitesize (ha) stages however, it becomes much easier. We begin with the major part of the body which is the scales, followed up by the feathers which offer a great opportunity to add colour to an army often dominated by shades of brown. Any colour works here, so the choice is yours! Afterwards it is a matter of running through the smaller details systematically to bring the model to completion. First up is the inside of the mouth, and here we opted for another flash of colour with purple, and illustrate how to give it a fleshy tone (with a trick that can be applies to many other colours!). We also cover painting the turquoise, the fabric, the various small features like rope and wicker, and much much more.

Tutorial of the Month!

Alpharius Primarch of the Alpha Legion.

Alpharius was one of the most requested Primarch painting guides so far and in this hour long tutorial we delve right in and show you how to paint this character from start to finish including how to get that gorgeous metallic blue armour which can be useful on a wide variety of for both wartorn sci-fi games or quest filled famtasy games.

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Paint Sister of battle


Whether you want to paint a single figure, a vehicle, a monster or even a piece of scenery and not to mention new techniques, you will find an in-depth tutorial here just for you.

Lannisters Swordsmen


Every week we will be adding brand new content for Members only. Whether it's video painting tutorials, blog posts and online painting guides, you can be sure you'll always have something to both help and inspire you.

Duncan Rhodes drpa


With over 10 years experience, running painting seminars all around the world and hundreds of video tutorials under his belt, there is no one better to both teach and give you the confidence to achieve the results you've always dreamed of.


That's about the same price as a really nice cup of coffee. Not too bad for expertly produced painting tutorials and tons of inspiration.


Every month we host a fun painting challenge on our Forum where Academy Members can show off their amazing work and get both inspired and motivated by an amazing community of hobbyists. The winners get an exclusive DRPA Pin badge and an hour online hang out with Duncan where they can ask any questions they want or just simply hang out and paint.

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